Hello again!  My research paper has been turned in (woohoo!) and I feel much more like a real human being again.

To celebrate, here is the cheerful holo-y manicure I was sporting for the last few days.  Of course, today is cloudy and showery again, but that's how spring goes.

Open shade

I ordered a green petticoat a few weeks ago, and I could not resist ordering a bottle of Nubar Reclaim at the same time... I'm glad I went with that impulse, because Reclaim is an amazing color.  A bit leprechaun-esque, to be sure, but so cheerful!

 I decided to reprise my subtle green stamping with China Glaze Holly-Day over Reclaim, and it worked pretty darn well!  I know that most bloggers avoid using topcoat over holographic polishes because it can dull the effect, and I wore Reclaim without topcoat for a day or two, but it was looking very worn around the edges, so I added another coat, stamped, and threw on some topcoat.  The holo effect might be a little duller, but the polish survived much better with topcoat, and my nails still looked like little rainbows, so I was happy.

I used my Sinful Colors Basecoat followed by three coats of Nubar Reclaim.  Only two coats are needed for full coverage... the third was to cover chips and wear.  Reclaim applied like a dream, I didn't have any problems with bald spots or the polish pulling.  I stamped with China Glaze Holly-Day and Bundle Monster Image Plate BM215, the lovely little snakeskin pattern.  I also added a topcoat of NYC Grand Central Station.

Do you wear your holos with topcoat?