It's still Wednesday!  I can still sneak in a post!  Finals are next week (finally) and I'm really running out of energy for the school year.  Just a little longer...

Today's post is completely non-nail related.  Sorry!  Come back tomorrow for a gradient manicure.

Okay, who's still here?  You?  Wonderful.  Since I got a sewing machine for Christmas, I've been looking for things to make like crazy.  I've made several circle skirts already, but I wanted some bigger garments to make.  Enter the vintage pattern.  An antiques store near my apartment has a big bin of vintage patterns, so every time I go in I try to find a few patterns close to my size.

So far, this adorable puff-sleeved dress is the closest pattern I've found.  The pattern is McCalls 8457 in a 32" bust, but there's plenty of pattern ease in the bust for me... it's nowhere near as close-fitting as the illustrations would have you believe.

One of my favorite things about vintage patterns is how efficiently the pattern pieces are laid out for cutting.  With modern patterns, I often find I have a half a yard of fabric left once I've squeezed the pieces on in the most efficient ways.  Another nice thing is that since the patterns are pre-used, they all come pre-cut!  Cutting out the pattern pieces is my least favorite part of sewing.

I made up the dress in a red and white floral fabric I got at Goodwill for about $2.00 ... I think the previous owner had tacked it up as curtains over a window, as there were several faded patches.  I just cut around them, and used the fabric that was left after to create the skirt.  The collar and sleeve edgings are made from a remnant I picked up at Joann's.
As you can see, there is plenty of room in the bodice, even though I'm wearing a padded bra that makes my bust measurement more like 34".  I also made the skirt a good bit shorter than the pattern called for.  Partially personal preference, and partially because of the aforementioned fading.

Dress:  McCalls 8457, made by me!
Belt:  from an H&M blazer
Lucite/plastic bangles:  Antiques stores, assorted Goodwills
Shoes:  Black velvet wedges from Reflection
Hair floof:  Icing

 I'm unsure about the poofyness of the sleeves... I love them in photos, but in person they feel like a bit much!

I'm on to a new project now.  I want to find a light cotton to make an adorable a-line buttoned swing dress. The pattern photos make it look like it's intended as a housedress or pajamas, and I think it would make lovely lazy clothes.  It would also be great as pajamas when I'm visiting family and need to look presentable first thing in the morning.  And I just love the description on the pattern envelope:

What are your thoughts, readers?  Do any of you sew, or wear vintage styles?  I'd love to hear what works for you!