Now that I have time to work on my blog, I'm trying to expand my social networking options... so Polka Polish is now ON FACEBOOK.  yay!  Maybe if I'm really brave I'll get the blog a twitter account?

When I finally got home from my enormous trip and picked up my held mail at the post office, I had a box waiting for me with my first Cult Nails purchases!  I know, I know, it took me long enough... but now I have some, so there!  I decided to try out Iconic first.  I understand that this polish has been reformulated since its first release, so my pictures may look a little different from the others on the internet.

Iconic is a deep wine/berry red, packed with red/gold flakies and gold shimmer.  I think (though I am not sure since I have never seen the original in person) that the new version has a denser gold shimmer, and brushstrokes show up at some angles because of this.  Do I love it anyway?  Umm.... yes!  The color doesn't seem quite right in my photos... these were all taken in my lightbox, and I think this polish is pink-er outdoors.

And I do love the bottle shape!  Application was a dream, 2 thin coats over my Sinful Colors Basecoat and topped with NYC Grand Central Station... I can't wait to try the other colors I got!