Hello  and happy Friday!  I hope you have pleasant things planned for the weekend.  With the beach trip looming, I painted my nails with a cheerful Hawaiian print-inspired design.

I did the same design last year with different colors... I think it's a good look for the beach!  Last year, of course, my nails were longer.  I took these photos inside, hence the slightly wonky colors, because outside people are trying and failing to fix the sprinkler system and my usual photo spot keeps getting drenched.

I used one coat of Zoya Pippa for a little basic opacity, and then I sponged on a gradient of Pippa and Zoya Gwin to use as a background for stamping.  I love the subtle golden sparkle that Gwin added.  I stamped everything repeatedly with Essence Stamp Me! White and the Essence stampy plate that has a hibiscus flower.  The orange did bleed through and give some of the flowers a yellow cast, but it didn't really show up in the picture.  I topped everything off with NYC Grand Central Station.

Now I must be off to pack for my fun in the sun!  Or fun in the fog, depending...  I'll try to schedule a few things to go live while I'm gone, and I might be able to hit up a wifi hotspot, but if you don't see anything I'll be back in a week.