Hello lovely readers, hope you're enjoying your week.  Since I'm off frolicking about the beach, I thought I'd show you a sneak peek of the dress I whipped up just before leaving.  I bet this week's outfit photos will include it!

I bought some Quilter's Showcase fabric in a grey/white/yellow abstract print (the colors remind me of the cockatiel my parents have) for about $3.50 a yard to make this lovely early 60s dress.  I admit that I have not yet made the enormous bow, but I have a scrap left that may yet turn into one!  I love making old patterns both because the patterns are always better written and because I sometimes get a little insight into what the last seamstress was thinking... in this case, the pattern's previous owner bought it just for the short-sleeved swing coat!  The dress pieces were all completely untouched.

EDITED TO ADD... We have internet at the beach house this year!!  I'll post beach and dress photos tomorrow.