Well, we finally packed up and left Wisconsin... somehow all of the luggage took up a lot less space than it did on the way out.  My aunt Sue gave me a fabulous graduation present of Vera Bradley things, which were impossible to pack, so we stopped at the Mall of America to turn them into a gift card, which is easier to travel with... I'll turn them back into fun purse-like things when I get home.

I really stepped out of my comfort zone, clothing-wise, today.  I rag-curled my hair last night and it would not dry... so I wrapped it up in a scarf and fluffed the ends and wore a little scarf-turban all day.  It grew on me as time went by, and I think the red lips helped.  I want to expand my headwear options, they do help an outfit.

I promise the next post will be nail polish... as you can see, I've repainted them again!

Today's outfit... I think you've seen all of the pieces in other outfits this vacation!

Nautical scarf: Thrift store in Wisconsin
Sweater: Forever21
Circle Skirt: Made by me
Petticoat: Evangeline's (needs mending, oh my...)
Shoes: Reflection