Good morning!  Since we're headed off on vacation to the beach soon, Boyfriend and I decided that after a long day of painting the best way to prep was to go have a little sushi dinner at the restaurant across the street.  I think we exercise great restraint by not going to get sushi every week!

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to wear this new-to-me dress that I picked up for about $5 at goodwill.  I think it's early 60s, but I really can't place it at all... does anyone with more vintage expertise have a better guess?  It's all handmade, metal zipper, fully lined with some sort of synthetic fabric, all the seams are pinked...  The gold embroidery at the top was all done by hand around select flowers, and all of the hems are covered with seam binding.  This does appear to be the original length, I don't think it was shortened at all.  I think it's really a lovely dress.

Our sushi was delicious, of course... since my parents are scientists, I avoid anything with raw fish.  I was perfectly happy with tempura shrimp and seared tuna, though!

Dress: Goodwill!
Hair Orchids: Made by me (hey... you all want a tutorial for the flowers...?)
Wooden Bangles: Various Goodwills
Jacket: Present from the Boyfriend
Shoes: Reflection