Good morning, happy Tuesday!  I hope you all got through Monday okay.  I have to say, being at the beach makes Mondays easier to deal with.  We took a few walks, hit the surf, sat on the sand... and the weather has been amazingly gorgeous!  A little windy, to be sure, but absolutely clear and sunny.

So... this is the dress that I mentioned yesterday.  Every time I stop at the local antiques mall, I rummage through the pile of vintage patterns and pick up anything close enough to my size.  I made this dress from Simplicity 4395 without any alterations to the pattern.  My skirt is not quite as bell-like as the pattern shows, but I suspect that the right petticoat would change that.  I have a narrow scrap of fabric left, so I may yet make the giant bow, though I plan to leave mine detachable.

I already have plans to make a few more of these... the fit is good and the construction is so simple. I really wish I could find a subtle pink-and-green floral like the one the girl on the cover is wearing!  And I do love the expressions on the two who are wearing exactly the same dress.

One extra silly thing to share:

My cousin Elly decorated visors for all the ladies in the family to wear out on the beach, and this is mine... it has a little perspective drawing of nail polish bottles!!

Visor: Present from my cousin
Dress: Made by me! Simplicity 4395
Belt: Ross?  It was attached to a shirt at first
Bangles: Various
Shoes:  None!  Shoes are not needed at the beach.