Good morning, all!  As I type this post, I'm looking out the window at the first foggy day all week.  It's really amazing what good weather we've had!  We went over to Morro Bay proper for some shopping and some fish & chips.  I bought a giant white floppy sunhat and some seashell bangles.  Boyfriend bought souvenirs for his family.
Hat: Some store in Morro Bay
Sweater & Shorts: Forever21
Bangles: The Shell Shop

The shorts are cute and high-waisted (they really have four buttons on each side) and were originally white, but I decided that probably wasn't a good idea, so I dyed them dark denim blue.  Unfortunately, the shorts are short and a bit prone to rubbing my legs, and my thighs are very white... so by the end of our trip to town, the tops of my thighs were pretty badly sunburned in spite of all the sunscreen I'd applied!

A few beach photos, just for good measure... the sailboat was almost at the horizon... It's rare to see many little ships out in the ocean where we are.  Shorebirds, on the other hand, are almost always plentiful.  These two were doing a little synchronized hunting routine.

I've got one more outfit post planned for the week... the beach is definitely a challenging location when it comes to eating clean and exercising.  With any luck, I might even get a halfway interesting nail design done and posted too before the week is out... you just never know.  I hope you're enjoying your week!