Why hello!  Here's the manicure I was wearing for the last few days... I'll be taking it off tonight or tomorrow morning so that I can do something for the 4th.

I was rather uninspired art-wise when I came back from vacation... mostly I felt wiped out!  But I rummaged around and picked out a stamping plate to use, and then some colors, and then some more colors for decoration, and eventually it came together.  Where do you start when you're having trouble with inspiration?  Colors? Design?

Anyway.  After my usual Sinful Colors Basecoat I applied 3 coats of Zoya Phoebe from last summer's Mod Mattes collection.  What a pain to apply!  The polish was really thin, but because of the quick dry time it would pull if I went over a spot I'd already painted.  It evened out by the third coat, though... and the stamping hid any weird spots.  I stamped with the floral design from Bundle Monster Image Plate BM224 and Essence Stamp Me! White.  (I want the new Bundle Monster plates!  I suppose they'll go on the to-buy list...)  For a finishing touch, I added some dots with Claire's Mood polish in Lonely/Loved using a pencil eraser as a dotting tool.  Finally, I covered everything over with a coat of NYC Grand Central Station.

Look!  I have two hands.  Some day I'll have to try getting a second stamper for mirror  images on my two hands.  Has anyone else tried that?  Is it easy, hard, or impossible?  Things to ponder in the morning... at the moment I must go to bed!