Hello, hello!  I hope my American readers had a lovely 4th of July and didn't set anything on fire, and I hope everyone else had a lovely Wednesday all the same.  I didn't get around to posting this yesterday since I was hurrying off to a family BBQ, so...

Ta-dah!  Sparkly red, white, & blue nails, in the style of Tartofraises.  I've always admired her elaborate brush painted designs, but have been unable to do them, so I'm super proud of myself for doing freehand nail art so successfully!  Am I a dork?  Quite possibly.  It took me a while because I didn't have a terribly clear idea of how I wanted it to end up so I just kept adding things until it looked how I wanted it to.

I'm particularly proud of the swirls I drew on both hands.  Even the ones on my right hand look good!  If I were to do a design like this again, I'd probably use a silver foil polish for the swirls so that they would be a bit more solid.  Since I didn't have a silver foil on hand, I went with glitter instead.

Technical details, in bullet point form this time!


  • Start with clean dry nails and a well-ventilated space.  Apply Basecoat to all nails.
  • Using a piece of cosmetic sponge, create a gradient from the tip of the nail using Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Rapid Red.  Repeat with China Glaze Ruby Pumps for glitter.
  • Using a piece of cosmetic sponge, create a gradient angling over half of the tip with China Glaze Midnight Mission and repeating with Icing Blue Goose for a lighter shade of blue.
  • With a small paintbrush and Sinful Colors Queen of Beauty draw a diagonal line separating the two shades.  Form the top into a spiral.
  • Place star-shaped rhinestones as desired.
  • Cover with topcoat.

This has definitely given me more confidence to try other freehand nail designs.  We'll see how that goes...