Hello, hello!  The past few days we've had a lovely respite from the oppressive heat that is a (central valley) California summer.  And of course the regular trips to San Francisco keep us nice and cool, too.

I've been making the rounds at the local Goodwills as often as seems proper, although I think I've gotten all the good stuff at the moment!  I did find an amazing pair of shoes for a steal, though, so you'll be seeing those soon.

I've also been playing with various hairstyles.  I had lots of fun teasing my hair up into this big bouffant beehive... but I'm not sure it really suits me!

Hair Flower: Icing
70s Tuxedo-Ruffle Blouse: Goodwill
Pencil Skirt: Article Consignment
Lucite Bangle: 57th Street Antiques
Shoes: Reflection