Okay, logistics out of the way first:  
Current Weight: 140.6 lbs
At Last Weigh-in: 141.4 lbs
Starting Weight: 144 lbs
Weight Loss to Date:  3.4 lbs

Still moving in the right direction!  Okay.  On to the fun stuff.

I suppose I could have told you all, sooner, but I wasn't quite sure how to blog about it, and what would I post for pictures?  But pictures happened this weekend, so I have no excuse to keep you in the dark any longer:

Doug & I are engaged!  And have been for a few months.  On Monday, we finally got around to getting together with a friend to do some engagement photos.

I would share the adorable engagement story with you, but... well, there isn't really one to share.  One evening, he asked me (all innocent-like) "Would you like a ring?" and I asked if he meant a pretty ring or one with Implications and he said maybe both.  And then there was ring-shopping and family-talking-to, and the eventual receipt of said ring.

Who knows, he's been hinting that he'll plan something romantic at some future date.

On me:
Vintage Black Lace Dress: Goodwill
Orchid Clip: Made by me
Geometric Glitter Bangle: Goodwill
Shoes: Payless
& hair in surprisingly cooperative rag curls, yay!

On him:
Black Geoffery Beene Shirt: Ross
Gold & Black Paisley Sean John Tie: Ross
Black Leather Belt: No clue...
Dark Jeans: American Eagle
Black Socks: Probably also Ross
Casual Leather Shoes: DSW

All photos by the lovely Yuri Tajiri.

We are very happy.