Good morning and hello!  Today's outfit (and yesterday's, and honestly, I've been living in this dress half the week because the weather is warm) is one of my favorite easy-to-wear dresses.  I actually had to flip back through my photos to confirm that I haven't shown it to you before! 

These pictures aren't the best (I was taking them with my camera remote, which can be tricky) and they came out rather overexposed, so I'm not sure if you can tell, but the dress is spotted in white and lavender, and matches my favorite Bakelite bangle quite perfectly.

This dress is about as short and as A-line as the grey jersey dress I was complaining about last time, but the difference in fabric really makes all the difference to how the dress drapes and how I feel in it.  And it has ruffles.  The ruffles help.

Dress: North Bay Guild Thrift Store
(Polished) Purple Bakelite Bangle: 57th Street Antiques mall
Black Pumps: Reflection