Hello!  Yes, yes, I realize I'm running late... I'd meant to post this on Saturday, but travel took up the whole day, and then Sunday I had some sort of nasty post-vacation stomach bug and the thought of looking at the computer screen made me queasy.  I'm much better today, so here is the post I owe you.

Let's start with a picture of me looking like a complete nutcase, shall we?

Okay, now that that's over with... I thought that since I've been attempting (key word) to lose weight for almost two months, I should talk a little about the exercise side of things.  Exercise and I have not really had a great relationship for most of my life.  Because my parents are plant scientists, I'm fairly accustomed to walking for large portions of the day over varied terrain... but intense cardio?  Please no!  Throughout my school years I always failed at running a mile for the President's Physical Fitness test.  My first experience with real exercise was about 5 years ago, when I started biking in the morning.  My home town has plenty of  hills to ride over, and the first college I went to did too.  Unfortunately, my good biking habits got derailed when I moved to my current home, which is appallingly flat, and my bike fell into a state of complete disrepair when Boyfriend was hospitalized last year.

Re-starting good exercise habits is always difficult.  We discovered Blogilates a few months ago and have been using the videos there for strength training.  I always find it easier to push through the last few uncomfortable reps of an exercise when there's someone yelling at me.  She has loads of videos and it can be a bit overwhelming to sift through them all, but these are my favorite abs, arms, back, & butt videos.

Which leaves cardio.  I still hate cardio.  I've been trying to do HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts some days and run other days... running is still a huge challenge for me!  I pulled my bike inside to give it a tune-up, so with any luck I'll be back to biking in a few days.  It's always difficult for me to drag myself outside in the summer to exercise just because of the unreasonably warm temperatures.

The whole beachy workout ensemble is from Target, so nothing too exciting there.  I do like the grey racerback tank, it's the newest addition to my workout wear.

Okay, I have to do something active now... I'll be back to my regular self by tomorrow with any luck.