Good morning! I've been trying to avoid the whole "getting dressed" phenomenon while the weather is so unpleasant, but occasionally I must leave the house to get groceries and run errands, so I am forced to put on real people clothes instead of lounging around oh-so-glamorously in my exercise shorts and shirts.

Anyway.  The Boyfriend (I think I'll just call him by name from now on.  His name is Doug.) and I have been out thrifting a few times... I bought this little 60s (right?) shirt and a 50s-does-70s plaid skirt (you'll see that one come winter, it's interesting) and the perfect little fur capelet and a few pieces of jewelry, and he bought a few new ties and a blazer jacket.  I've been teaching him how to identify vintage, and he makes quite the entertaining and helpful shopping companion.

Hair Flower: Present from Jason
60s Blouse: Goodwill
Shorts: Forever21
Pink Bangle: Goodwill
Green Celluloid Flower Bangle: from my mom (thanks, Mom!)
Shoes: Irregular Choice, from a thrift store in SF.
(I totally trashed the little kitten heels by walking to the Academy of Sciences.
I suspect they're beyond repair.  But they're SODANGCUTE.)

And, lest you think I am as cool and cucumber-y as I look in these photos...