galaxy nebula nail art

Hello, lovely readers.  Today I have for you a rather excessively complex nail art design.  I was over at Doug's house, and his sister had some pictures and instructions for galaxy nail art that she was attempting, so of course I had to try when I got home!

So, I painted my nails black, got out a handful of likely colors, and grabbed some cosmetic sponges and an advertisement (to use as a work surface) and got to work.  

I was rather proud of the end result!  Some nails turned out better than other , but the effect was pretty nifty all in all. 

Also, it was messy.  And time-consuming.  But fun!  I love doing nail designs like this occasionally, it's like being back in grade school and doing art projects.

I am afraid I cannot possibly list all the colors I used for these!  Do let me know if you want a tutorial of some sort, and I'll try to make it happen.  There are many around the internet, and I looked at several to figure out my strategy.