Good morning!  It's been a long week, and internet up here is spotty at best, so here's the rest of this week's pictures in one fell swoop!  Vintage-loving readers, just keep scrolling... outfits appear momentarily.  Nail polish-loving readers, you can stop after the first three photos :)

I think Cult Nails Cruisin' Nude has become my go-to polish for more elegant occasions.  Two coats, lovely formula, no worries... what's not to love?  I put this on right before I headed to the airport Wednesday morning, so pardon the tip wear.  I wanted to do something at least slightly snazzy, but still safe enough that when I stood up to sing at the memorial service the older members of the congregation (which, given the age of my grandmother, was almost all of them) would not be shocked at my outrageous nail color. 

So I ended up adding one coat of Essie Shine of the Times to liven things up a little.  I think it turned out quite well, and the combo held up decently for about four days... today my nails are looking rather bedraggled.  I will have to resist the urge to peel at the chipped edges of my nail polish until Monday night when I can paint my nails again.

Outfit time!  Please excuse my unenthusiastic expressions in these pictures... it hasn't been an incredibly smile-y weekend.  This is what I wore to the memorial service.  Just before we left for Wisconsin I made a point of buying a new pair of black flats (which I sorely needed!) for travel and prolonged standing, and I was glad I did!

(My approximate sentiments by the time we managed to take some pictures)

Dress: Bodice for Advance ??? (I'll fill in the pattern number later) paired with a matching circle skirt
Hair Flowers: Icing, Joann Fabrics
Bracelet: Present from Doug/made by me
Earrings: 57th St. Antiques
Black Flats: Nicole's Shoes

I also finished a new pajama/travel dress just before leaving, another rendition of the Butterick Morning Coat.

Dress: Butterick 7139, made by me
Belt: From Grandma
Hair Flower: Joann Fabrics
Bangles: Various
Black Flats: Nicole's Shoes