Current Weight: 139.6 lbs
At Last Weigh-in: 140.4 lbs
Starting Weight: 144 lbs
Weight Loss to Date:  4.4 lbs

girl with glasses in black pencil skirt, black skirt, purple patent skinny belt
I really don't know what's going on with my bras.  The edges all tend to curl outwards when they get washed and dried and then they show through all my clothes!  Does anyone else have this problem/a solution?

Once again, the weight is headed the right direction... a minor miracle, since I feel like I've been trying to add ice cream to the list of major food groups.

This month has been/is continuing to be very difficult for me... it's a bit of a train wreck of family and life and personal problems.  I'll keep posting, but to avoid ranting endlessly I'll probably keep the text minimal and focus on getting good pictures up.  I'm sure that's what you come here for, anyway!

girl with glasses in black pencil skirt black shirt purple belt shoes flower

This is what I wore on an excursion out with Doug to take some photos for his Senior Recital fliers... only three more weeks! Yikes!

Hair Flower: Icing
Ruffle & Button Shirt: Aeropostale
Black Pencil Skirt: Thrifted from somewhere quite a while ago
Purple Patent Belt: Target
Purple Ruffled Flats: Ross, I think.  I've had them for years.