This month has been terribly hectic.  On top of all of the other things we've been juggling here, my grandmother fell a few weeks ago, and passed away the following day.  Her memorial service was this morning.

I don't have a weigh-in this week... somehow, I didn't manage to get around to it on Wednesday morning, because on Wednesday morning Doug was driving me to the airport, and then Wednesday afternoon we were flying to Wisconsin, and then in the evening we were driving across Wisconsin to my grandparents' house.

We got in late, and I took these pictures before flopping down in bed.

The service was lovely.  I had the opportunity to sing a few pieces, which made me feel like I was contributing something.  And we began the long process of sorting through my grandmother's belongings.

We will miss her.

There are more things to go through in the morning, and I did not sleep well last night, so I think it may be bedtime for me.