Hello, hello!  Today I have for you a bit of a fail manicure... see, I thought that layering a flakie-style polish over a similarly-hued duochrome would result in something akin to the fall colors that I wish I was seeing outside, but unfortunately it didn't quite work out.

I had some trouble with drying time, in spite of my usual quick-dry topcoat... I smudged a few fingers, and even the unsmudged ones ended up looking oddly textured.  I think the base color needs to be a few shades darker to effectively showcase the flakies on top... and I don't quite have a polish that color!  I'm also not totally happy with the light I had for my pictures.  I stopped in a shady patch on this morning's bike ride that made them look fantastic, but I was unable to recreate that light when I took photos later in the day.

I used three coats of CQ Rustic Dream and one thin coat of Essie Shine of the Times.  I'm really not sure why I had so much trouble with the drying!  I blame Shine of the Times, I think sometimes flakies dry funny.

Are there fall leaves where you live, or do you have to experience them vicariously through nail polish?