Happy Sunday, dear readers!  I have another nail polish post for you today!  I'm sorry they've gotten so rare... sometimes this hardly seems like a polish blog at all.
And!  According to my picture-labeling system, this is my 150th manicure to be photographed and blogged! It's not a  very impressive design for a big landmark number, but I'm pretty impressed that I've managed to keep painting and photographing and posting this long.



Sorry about the slightly messy application... I painted my nails in the morning before going off to work on scraping paint all day, so they were mostly there for nail armor and not so much for aesthetics.  I think they were chipped by lunchtime...

For this design, I used two coats of Sinful Colors Seaweed, a dupe for OPI Stranger Tides.  I've been really liking the glitter gradients from the cuticle lately, so I cut a cosmetic sponge into a pointy/rounded shape to avoid getting glitter all over my fingers and used it to make a gradient (albeit a rather messy one) with China Glaze Ray-Diant.  I was having trouble finding my preferred topcoat, so I used a coat of ORLY Sec 'n Dry instead... I am not a fan.  Fortunately, I found my good topcoat yesterday, so I won't have to use the ORLY one when I paint my nails today.

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