Somehow I never manage to get really amazing pictures on days I'm wearing fabulous dresses.  Must be because those days are usually also insanely busy...

The cake I showed you yesterday (Yesterday?  Only yesterday? Yikes...) turned out like this:

And it was deee-licious!  We also managed to avoid taking any home with us:

So that was a good thing.

Doug's recital was amazing and went really really well, which is all the more amazing considering how his last one went (it involved a week in the hospital, in fact) and his switch in voice teachers and all the technical progress he's made.

I have no idea what was so funny...

If you want to listen to any of it (and you should if you've never heard a countertenor before, trust me, just listen to a little bit of it...) there's a livestream of it here.

Outfit details...
I'm wearing:
Dress: Jessica McClintock
Earring and necklace set: 57th Street Antiques
Bracelet: My grandma's (it's actually a choker)
White rabbit capelet: 57th Street Antiques
Shoes: I have no recollection...

He's wearing:
Suit: JC Penney
Burgundy shirt: Ross (I think?)
Fabulous tie: Macy's
Shoes: Swiped from his dad's closet