Good morning, and happy (?) Monday.  I'm trying really hard to pretend it's fall here, in spite of the stubbornly high temperatures we have been having daily.  For me, this means going back to the dark colors that I am fondest of and wearing wool skirts even when it's a bit warm for them.  Thankfully, most wool clothes in California are quite lightweight!

Although it hasn't made many appearances on this blog, my big Canon camera bag is usually what I carry around as a purse... Not the most aesthetically pleasing option, but it makes it possible for me to have a camera ready at a moment's notice.  I usually only use smaller purses for errands and trips around town.
In this case, the camera was handy since Doug and I were going to a Classical Revolution event at a local coffee shop to see some friends play, and I wanted to be able to grab a few pictures for them.  Of course, now I have to download the pictures from my camera and upload them somewhere for my friends to see, and I'm terrible at doing that in a timely manner!

Purple ruffled shirt: Aeropostale
Pink patent belt: Target
Grey plaid pencil skrit: Goodwill
Floral Irregular Choice flats: Some thrift store in San Francisco...
Camera bag: Costco!
Dainty chain bracelet: Present from my Grandparents
Heart pendant necklace: Present from Doug (all but invisible in these photos, though...)

And, for a bonus, I'll leave you with this photo of yesterday's brilliant sunset, taken as Doug was driving us home after the concert: