Hello!  We're home from the Happiest Place on Earth and wondering where the week went.  Well, to be fair, we were home yesterday.  But yesterday rather got away from me, so I'll just have to get two posts up today. 

First up: Nail polish!  I know I've been neglecting my polish-blogging duties a bit lately, although, to be fair, I've also been neglecting my having-painted-nails, so there hasn't been much to blog about on that front!

Pardon the chippy tips.  I realized that I hadn't taken any manicure pictures while we were standing in line for the admissions plaza (the first of many lines!) so I took a few quick shots before we ran off to play.

I've been inspired by other bloggers' "jelly sandwich" manicures lately, so I decided to see if I could create one myself.  And, since it is finally October, I feel like I should add one of my seasonally-appropriate stamps to every manicure.  After all, there's only a month where one can really get away with wearing Halloween-ish nail polish!  Plus, any excuse for a bad pun, right?

I had some trouble getting the ghosties to stamp cleanly... I think I'm about due for a new bottle of white stamping polish, so that might have something to do with it.  And I would have liked the top jelly layer a bit thinner, the glitter nearly disappeared in most lights.  But all in all, I'm pretty darn happy with how it turned out!  I'll have to play with more layering combos like this in the future.

For this design, I started out with one thick coat of Revlon Royal.  Over that, I layered two coats of Nicole by OPI Make U Smile to be the middle portion of my jelly sandwich.  I topped it off with another veeeeery very thin coat of Royal.  As a note: In the future, I would use a better glitter polish for the middle layer.  Make U Smile is rather gloopy and doesn't have great glitter payoff per coat.  Anyway.  Once that was dry I stamped the ghosties from Bundle Monster Image Plate BM-223 with Essence Stamp Me! White.   Cute, aren't they?