Hello!  I know I owe a weigh-in today, and I promise that I did weigh myself & it isn't horrible, but today is a nail polish post... so the weight stuff will be up when I post today's outfit, which will happen tomorrow.  Are we good?  Good!  On to the nail polish...

Please pardon the nubbinized pinky nail

 I think these might be my favorite Halloween nails to date!  I decided it was time to try to conquer the bat stamp, and I thought that it would look nifty to try to do a gradient with white pinpoints to look like the dimming evening sky with a few stars.  I had to pick a background color that would contrast enough with the bats that they'd still be visible, but that would still believable as evening sky.  I think it turned out beautifully... I might even try an alteration on this theme later in the month.

To accomplish this design, I started with my Sinful Colors Basecoat followed by two very thin coats of OPI Funkey Dunkey.  I then used a cosmetic sponge to create a gradient with Funkey Dunkey and Color Club Pucci-licious using the method shown here.  Then I used a pin as a dotting tool and Sinful Colors Snow Me White to create a starry effect.  Finally, I stamped the bats from Bundle Monster Image Plate BM-213 with Sinful Colors Black on Black to complete the look.  A quick coat of NYC topcoat, and voila!

What do you think?