Floral Dress: Nine West? From Ross...
Hair Flower: Icing
Earrings: From my Grandma 
Necklace: From Pam ('s Aunt Levona?)
Wristwatch: From my Grandma
Floral Purse: Vera Bradley, present from my Aunt
Stockings: Victoria's Secret (I need a better source of stockings...)
Red Pumps: Goodwill!

On Sunday (yikes, I'm behind) Doug took me out for dinner at Gatsby's Diner, one of our favorite local restaurants.  When I was in Wisconsin earlier this summer for my grandmother's funeral, I received a beautiful ring that had belonged to her grandmother.  My Great-great-grandmother, Nettie Miller, presumably received it as an engagement ring or wedding ring from her husband, Hiram Whaley... but that's a long story and the subject for another blog post!

Anyway, the ring...  It was tiny, and would only fit on my pinky! But it was way too big and sparkly to wear as anything but an engagement ring, so we took it to a jeweler to have it re-sized to fit on my ring finger.  Meanwhile, I chatted with Doug, and decided that even though he had already gotten me a ring and proposed to me, we wanted to use Nettie's ring as my engagement ring.  After much waiting, I got the ring back from the jeweler, put it in a box, and gave it to Doug.

I've always been a silver sort of girl, and I never thought I was much for gold or diamonds, but, you know what?  I think I can get used to it.