...or is it Ric-Rac?  I'm never really sure.  Either way, this blouse has lots of it.

I have been teaching Doug my family's strategies for celebrating holidays, particularly the fine art of Birthday Extension.  His family apparently does not stretch out birthdays into weeklong events and use them to justify all sorts of merriment.  With a little encouragement, Doug is embracing birthday diva-hood (well, he's not that much of a diva...) and enjoying being spoiled all week long.  To continue (or complete?) the celebrations, his little sister came over Friday night, and we made tomato soup, mini grilled cheese sandwiches, a big cobb salad, and caramel apples.

Obviously, a party is as good an excuse as any for rick-rack trim, so I finally decided to wear one half of the patio set I bought myself on a whim earlier this year.  The pieces arrived very yellowed by timemuch more than I had anticipated!but with some aggressive Oxyclean-ing I was able to restore it to much of its former glory.  The whole ensemble was a bit... much-ish for an indoor event, but I paired the top with my red felt circle skirt, and I think it worked quite nicely.  Perhaps next time I'll try pairing the skirt with a pale blouse, but I am suspicious that it will have to wait until the weather warms up again so that I can truly wear it for a party out on a patio.

Top half of a patio set: Etsy
Red felt circle skirt: Handmade by moi
Pink petticoat: Evangeline's
Red and pink hair flowers: Icing
Silver leaf necklace and clip earrings: Grandmother's.  They aren't actually a set, but one of the earrings that actually matches the necklace is missing.  I believe these earrings were purchased as replacements, they match quite well.
Silver bracelet: Present from my grandparents, I think, many years ago.
Silver belt: Target
Red T-strap pumps: Sofft Shoes, via Goodwill.  These may be my favorite shoes ever.

Pomegranate: Gift from my parents, from their tree at home.  Delicious!