G'mornin'!  Or good evening... whatever time of day you're reading this silliness.  Today was One of Those Days... we got a lot done, but it was also incredibly stressful.  So yay and boo, and better luck tomorrow, huh?

Today was also one of those days where I knew the only way I was going to get any exercise in (Doug & I are doing the Blogilates #OMGoctober workout calendar.  Or trying to...) was if I wore my yoga pants and sports bra and exercise shirt to rehearsal.  I must say, it was rather strange.  I've gotten quite used to my vintage-inspired wardrobe, and I felt rather under-dressed going out in my spandex workout things.  It's also much harder to fake a womanly hourglass figure in skin-tight clothing... so for those who are afraid I might waste away to skin and bones, this is what I look like under the puffy petticoats and structured skirts... and I only picked out the most flattering pictures to post!
At least my hair was done!  Well, kind of... my bangs are in that terribly awkward growing-out phase, and in spite of my best efforts quite a few bits had escaped from my pile of victory rolls by the time evening came around.

Hair Flowers: Icing & Target (and much more similar in color to the shirt in real life...)
Purple Exercise Shirt: Target
Black Pleather Jacket: Goodwill (at the insistence of Doug!)
Black Yoga Pants: Target
New Balance 310 Running Shoes: Sports Authority
Bangles: Various (the lavender one is bakelite!)

And one little sneak peek at the next Halloween-y (Hallo-weenie?) nail art installation, coming to a blog near you tomorrow!