Hello, hello!  Here's the last outfit of the week, and another foray into hat-wearing.  I came across Retro Chick's article on 3 Ways to Wear a Beret a few days ago, and since this particular black beret is the Official Polka Polish Practice Hat (I swear I've worn it before, it just doesn't make it on the blog!) I decided that I would try to wear it with the '40s-inspired tilt she suggested.
I think berets make good practice hats because they're still in style (unlike many other vintage hat shapes!)  and because they can readily be removed upon going indoors.  Even though I secured this one with a small gold and garnet stick pin I own, I was able to take it off easily for church... I felt like I would look a little silly wearing a hat with my choir robes.

I only felt a little bit like a stewardess in this ensemble... I think it was the hat.  I'm also proud of myself for getting a passable '40s look (I know my skirt is too short!) using exclusively pieces from the 80s or later.  Except the gloves.  Those are probably older.

Black wool beret: Weave thrift
Vintage stick pin: ??? One of my grandparents, probably.
Gold clip earrings: Grandma
Dusty mauve blouse with contrast bow and cuffs: ??? Maybe a family friend
Black lace blazer: Forever21
Petal pink gloves with white beading: Antiques mall in Fairfield
Black leather belt: Grandma
Black wiggle skirt: Goodwill?  I desperately need a better black pencil skirt.  And I need to alter and repair this one to really make it wearable...
Black patent heels: Payless, a few years ago
Stockings: Not wearing any, what a mistake!  It's cold here now!