Oof.  I really should not procrastinate writing blog posts until bedtime.  Usually (well, sometimes) I write in the morning while I'm having my coffee and waking up.  If I was really organized, I suppose I'd write out my posts in advance and just schedule them to happen on the appropriate days, but that would require a lot of planning and picture-taking, so that's rather unlikely to happen any time soon.

Anyway.  Today's post is brought to you by my overwhelming joy that the seasons have finally changed and fall is here!  We got our very first rain of the season yesterday, and I'm quite excited that the mercury has dipped below 80 and that clouds are back in the sky.  It makes my morning bike ride a good bit chillier, but that's the price one has to pay for dark mornings and evenings and crisp, leaf-scented air.

I love coats and stockings and gloves and layers, so the colder season affords me plenty of opportunities to experiment with new combinations.  I know that red and aqua has been a trendy combo for a while, and I think it's starting to grow on me.  The only downside of the colder weather is that it's getting too cold and humid for a my hair to ever dry properly in a wet set.  I'll still try once in a while, but it may be time to experiment more with the possibilities of victory rolls.

Hair flowers: Icing
Black camisole: Charlotte Russe
Black button-front blouse: Aeropostale
Aqua belt:  Antiques mall in Fairfield
Red jacket: gift from Doug, but I know he got it at Sears
Teal suede gloves: Forever21
Bangles: Various
Black & navy circle skirt: Homemade by me.  I think this is its 10th appearance!
Black petticoat: Evangeline's
Peacock-blue tights: Icing
Black pumps: Present from Tiffany
Clear bubble umbrella: Target