...although, sadly, not hot pink seamed stockings, which would probably be a bit much even for me.

Really.  Even though I have a ridiculous victory roll perched on the middle of my forehead because my bangs are still at that awkward growing-out length and will not stay put any other way.  Well, maybe if only the seams were hot pink, that could be fun...  But I digress.
Now, I know I've worn this dress with these shoes before, but this time I added one more hair flower (to make up for not wearing any to church rehearsal for a few days, lest my choirmates be disappointed) and stockings and gloves.  See?  New outfit.

Now that the weather is finally getting colder, I can pull out one of my favorite pieces again!  I found this '70s wool coat last winter at one of the snazzier local thrift shops, and almost passed it up because the sleeves seemed a wee bit short... and then I decided that I would wear it with bracelets and long gloves and ran back and snatched it up.

'80s rayon floral dress: Goodwill
Hot pink hair flowers: Icing, Target
Heart necklace: Gift from Doug
Seamed stockings: no clue... I got to take them home after last fall's production of Pagliacci and I haven't ruined them yet!
Hot pink pumps: Nicole's Shoes
Dusty lavendar ruched gloves: Present from our choir librarian
70s princess seamed coat with fur collar: Weave Thrift