Hello, hello.  It seems that there are just a few days left to get in the annual dose of orange and black (both for Halloween and the Giants' World Series victory) so I am determined to make the most of them.  For church on Sunday, I rummaged around and pulled out every single orange accessory I could find.

And decided that I still didn't have enough orange.

So I sat down at the dining table with a bit of orange fabric and whipped up a pair of shoe clips.

It's a totally reasonable reaction, right?  I'm sure you would have done the same...

Orange & black hair floofles: Joann fabrics & from a floral arrangement
Carved amber bakelite necklace: Gift from Pam
Trio of bright orange bakelite bangles: From my Grandmother's collection
Black knit t-shirt: Aeropostale
Black lace jacket: Forever21
Black leather belt: From my Grandmother's collection
Black and white polka-dot skirt: Ross, a few years ago
Black petticoat: Evangeline's
Black patent pumps: Payless, a few years ago
Orange and black shoe clips: Made by me!