My family has a longstanding tradition of homemade Halloween costumes.  As I type this, I wish I had pictures of some of the more successful costumes of the past.  I remember being an airplane one year and Jiminy Cricket another when I was very young, and I think in grade school I was a bald eagle one year (with a fabulous paper-maché headpiece) and some sort of blue bird another year.  I remember dressing as Charlie Chaplin in high school once, and I used a $20 brown ballroom gown and a silver shawl a few times during college to dress as a Hershey's Kiss.

I did not have anywhere to be this year for Halloween.  Actually, no, let me rephrase that.  This year, I had a rehearsal on Halloween evening.  Of course, this prevented any other sort of social fun, but I felt like it would be highly improper to go to rehearsal without a costume.  I do have a reputation to keep up!

In the proper tradition of last-minute costumes, I started looking for likely suspects.  Since several of my friends have told me that the puff-sleeved '40s dress I made reminds them of Minnie Mouse, I decided to work with that.  I found a headband I hadn't worn in a long while, snipped off the decoration (and reattached it to a hair clip so I could wear it on its own, no waste here!), and pulled out the trusty glue gun.  I sacrificed a few political fliers to form the ears and covered them with black felt.  I still had some fabric scraps left from the dress, so I pulled out some of those to make a matching bow.

I think it turned out quite well!

Headband with bow & ears: Handmade by me!
40s puff-sleeved red floral dress: McCall 8457, Made by me
Black leather belt: From Grandma
White gloves with scalloped cuffs: Gift from our choir librarian
Black tights: Actually 2 pairs of less black tights, don't remember where from.
Yellow satin Nina peep toe pumps: DSW.  A bit of an impulse purchase, but I'd seen them on the sale rack for a while and they were $75 off the original price...