Not much to say here... you win some, you lose some!  I'm still recovering from my insanely early morning yesterday (I dropped Doug off at the airport around 4 am!) and the late night after rehearsal.

Don't mind the stripes on my leg, they were from sitting on the couch...

I got oodles of compliments on my "vote" T-shirt while I was out yesterday.  Sure, I only get to wear it once every two years or so, but it was a totally worthwhile purchase.  Not to mention that some of the original price went towards getting young voters registered, so yay.

Black "vote" t-shirt: American Eagle
Black satin hair bow: Icing
White origami star earrings: Made by me 
White belt: H&M
Black wool pencil skirt: Goodwill (and about time, too!)
Black & white polka dot pumps: Forever21
"I Voted" sticker: My local polling place! :)