Doug and I went on one of our regular window-shopping walks early this week, and I, predictably accessory-happy girl that I am, fawned over all the new colors! of gloves at Target.  When I got home from rehearsal on Wednesday evening, I was surprised to find this blue pair sitting on my vanity.  Apparently Doug got out of rehearsal early and decided that a new pair of leather winter gloves would be a good just-because-I-appreciate you present today.

I'll take it!  I think gloves last longer than roses.

Today we went out walking at the shops again.  It was rainy most of the day, but it cleared up in the afternoon.  Fortunately, the complex we chose to wander through is mostly covered over by glass ceilings, although the entrances are open on all the sides.  We even managed to resist buying anything at Williams-Sonoma (always a feat!) and added a few more things to our respective Christmas lists.

Black satin hair bow: Icing
Polka-dot ruffled dress: NorthBay Thrift Store
Blue glass costume pearl necklace: A grandmother or great-grandmother, probably?
Sequin-shouldered black cardigan: Ross
Hand-knit merino socks: made by me! And they are delightful for winter.
Faux-leather boots: JC Penney
Blue leather gloves: Present from Doug (although they're here if you're interested...)

* Target has no idea that I'm linking to all their gloves in this post.  No affiliation with Target, just a love of colorful leather gloves.