The last few days have been spent giving our whole apartment a thorough cleaning and prepping for Thanksgiving dinner.  My parents are coming up to have dinner at my apartment, so I'm prepping the bird this year (yikes!) as well as a few side dishes.  Since I spent a lot of yesterday running errands (picking up mail, getting a turkey, etcetera...), I decided to put my hair up in curls in hopes of it looking glamorous on a day when I am not so busy.

Doug and I thought we needed to test a few of our dinner recipes, so we made two little appetizers, cocktails to sample, and a practice pumpkin pie.  Fortunately, we both love cooking, and I really enjoy throwing little parties.  Our tests were quite successful, and I'm confident that our dinner will turn out well!  Tomorrow Doug will bake the pie and I'll season the turkey to cut down on prep time for the day itself... and I'm sure I'll be looking around for a creative centerpiece and appropriately autumnal place settings.

Green and olive floral silk scarf: Uh.  Weave?  Goodwill?
White knit sweater: Forever21
Peach camisole: Charlotte Russe
Navy circle skirt: Made by moi
Green petticoat (not very visible): Malco Modes
Olive and white herringbone pumps: Goodwill, and impossible to match with anything in my wardrobe!