I have been on a quest for the perfect gold stamping polish since the second month of this blog's existence, when I posted this gold and purple stamped design using the last dregs of a very old bottle of gold polish.  No gold since then has come close.

A side note: You know how nearly every blogger has done the "where I started" and "where I am now" comparisons?  I'm not sure that my nail painting / nail care / photography skills have improved all that much.  Sigh.

Anyway, I made a stab at re-creating the decadent gold and purple look with ORLY Out of this World (three thin coats) stamped with ORLY Luxe.  Luxe worked decently for stamping, especially since I used a relatively bold design (from Bundle Monster Image Plate BM-205, not pictured because it was hiding at the bottom of my nail art basket when I took these photos).  Unfortunately, it's not quite as bold or as yellow-toned as my original stamping gold, so the search continues.

Do you have a favorite gold polish?