Oh man, I'm falling behind.  I could say that I'll try to catch up this week (hahaha!) but it probably won't happen.  In the meantime, an outfit post!

...a somewhat lame outfit post.  I accidentally waited until 4:00 to take pictures, and my camera did not approve.  I love the winter, but I always have trouble adjusting to how early it gets dark.  And then I have trouble re-adjusting when the days get longer because I expect to have several hours between nightfall and bedtime and it just doesn't happen.

I like this sweater.  It's warm and thick and obnoxiously festive.  I'm pretty sure it once belonged to my father, but at some point I appropriated it and it's been living in my closet for quite a few years.  It's not the most flattering garment ever, but sometimes winter weather just calls for warm and fuzzy.

Red & white acrylic sweater: Formerly my dad's, circa the 1980s?
Dark blue jeans: American Eagle
Faux leather flat ankle boots: Forever21