Still playing catch-up, but we'll be on to this week by tomorrow, really truly!

I feel like this outfit is a wee bit of a cop-out, as I've worn this dress several times before, but it's a good dress!  Comfortable, flattering, and I don't have to put it on over my head, which is a plus on days that I have to change into some sort of performance uniform partway through the day.  On Sunday, I had to go home from my church job, throw on a formal dress, and drive an hour to participate in a performance of Vivaldi's Gloria.  I figured an up-do with a button-front dress was the best way for me to get through that quick-change looking presentable!

The third Sunday of Advent is Gaudete Sunday, so I decided to maximize my pink in celebration.  Unfortunately, nobody at the Cathedral was wearing pink vestments...

Pink hair flowers: Icing
Black faceted necklace and earring set: Grandma
Black and pink floral 80s dress: Goodwill
Grey heather tights: Target
Black leather ankle boots: Aldo, by way of Article Consignment (um, a bit of an impulse purchase... I saw them while out with a friend, and they were MY SIZE!  I still need black leather boots with a more practical heel, but these definitely fill the wardrobe niche of "I need something nice to wear but I don't want to worry about stepping in the puddle at the foot of the stairs or the puddle directly in front of the complex gate.")