Hullo!  I know today's post is a bit of a diversion from what I usually do around here, but since I took pictures, I figured I might as well share it just in case someone finds it useful!

See, a few months after Doug and I got engaged, I made the mistake of just checking on Amazon to see if anyone was still selling the Mrs. Lower pumps by Irregular Choice, which I'd seen once online and deemed ideal wedding shoes...and when there happened to be just a few pairs left in my size, and on sale, I figured I could always order them and then return them if they didn't work out.  Of course, I ended up loving them, so I didn't return them after all!  Or anyway, I loved most of them.  I wasn't totally sold on the soles.  I know some people love them, but I felt like they were just too loud and colorful for the vision I had in mind.  Enter Pinterest:  I'd seen various versions of glitter-covered high heels, so I looked at those some and winged it some, and took pictures along the way!

Shoe-glittering is a fairly straightforward process, and if you are at all crafts-inclined it should be well within your capabilities.  The active parts of the process should take maybe half an hour, but you will need to budget time to allow the shoes to dry between steps.  Also, be warned that glitter is incredibly messy and has a way of getting absolutely everywhere.  Take proper precautions and practice safe crafting!

You will need: 

  • High-heeled shoes to be glittered 
  • Mod Podge
  • Glitter in the color(s) of your choosing.  (I went with Martha Stewart’s fancy glitter because it’s a little finer-textured than the cheapest craft glitter.)
  • A foam brush and/or a small paintbrush (I used both)
  • A small lidded plastic container (I used a tiny disposable Ziploc freezer container)
  • Scrap paper to cover your work surface (it helps if there is an advertisement with a surprised-looking woman on it.)

Make sure that your work surface is covered with scrap paper.

Begin by pouring a little Mod Podge into your lidded container.  Dump in a generous pile of glitter and stir to combine.  Using the foam brush or a small paintbrush, carefully cover the entire sole of one shoe with the glitter-glue mixture.  (I opted for the paintbrush here for better control, but I think a foam brush would give you a smoother finish.  Some tutorials suggest you mask off the edges, but I found that it wasn't too difficult to paint a neat border around the sole.  If you have a steady enough hand to apply nail polish or liquid eyeliner, you should be fine here.)

Once the sole is entirely coated, grab your glitter and pour glitter over the entire painted area.  Turn the shoe over and firmly shake it a few times to dislodge loose glitter.  Set the shoe aside to dry and carefully gather up your scrap paper and pour the excess glitter back into the jar.  Then repeat the process with the second shoe.

Once both shoes have been coated in glitter, close up your container of glitter-glue (you may need it later to touch up light spots) and set the shoes upside-down to dry for a few hours.  Once they're mostly dry, come back and paint another coat of Mod Podge over the soles (it dries clear, I promise!) to seal in the glitter.

Leave the shoes to dry overnight, at least.

And, ta-da!

Glittery shoes!  I love 'em, much more what I had envisioned.  Have you tried this at home?  Let me know in the comments how it worked out for you, or if you have any questions!