I've been whining and complaining for a while about not having an opaque metallic gold polish for stamping, and every time I go out to the shops I inspect the gold nail polish in hopes of finding one that's just right.  The other day I was out at Target, picking up a red lipstick recommended to me by a friend, when a display of Maybelline metallic colors caught my eye.  The only color I could justify buying was gold, so I tossed it into my basket and went on my merry way.

Obviously, it worked!  It's gorgeous, shiny, cool-toned enough not to drive me crazy, and wonderfully opaque.  I'm only sorry that I picked a stamp that covered so much of the gorgeous base color!

The foundation for this design is two coats of Zoya Storm, an awesome black with a scattered holographic effect.  Doug sneakily bought it for me after I decided not to buy it while out Christmas shopping!  I stamped Maybelline Bold Gold and the gradient design from Bundle Monster Image Plate BM-301.  A word of advice about this particular image: scrape lightly or else you run the risk of gouging out the polish on the solid part of the image!  And, of course, I topped it off with NYC Grand Central Station, as always.

Have you made any shopping discoveries lately that made you want to shout from the rooftops?