I am not really what one would call a sports person.  So, it came as a bit of a surprise to me when my mom sent a message informing me that she was postponing her scheduled birthday birding trip because it conflicted with today's football game!  Now, my mother has already put off her birthday for half a week, and putting it off again until next weekend seemed a bit much, so we decided that Doug and I would go visit and watch the game with her.

I sent her a message asking who we were supposed to be rooting for (The Green Bay Packers?  The San Francisco 49ers?), but she was already off to work for the day and didn't respond.  So I did the only reasonable thing a nail polish blogger could be expected to do under the circumstances, and set about designing nail art that would represent both teams.

I decided to base my nail art on the team's colors and the patterns of stripes on their helmets.  To keep it interesting, I went with a french tip on three nails and two accent nails with the helmet-striped design.  I used only the brushes in the bottles and one fine-tipped brush to achieve this look.

For the 49ers nails, I used my Sinful Colors Basecoat (it's good for french tips because it already has a slight peachy tinge), Essence French Nude 05 Simply Nude, Sinful Colors Snow Me White, Mary Kay Gold Leaf, and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Rapid Red.  

 For the Packers nails, I used my Sinful Colors Basecoat, Essence French Nude 05 Simply Nude, Sinful Colors Snow Me White, Sinful Colors Pull Over, and China Glaze Holly-Day. If you'd like to recreate this design at home, you'll also need a fast-drying topcoat, no matter which team you pick!

And, a miniature tutorial, courtesy of Instagram!  I started with one coat of Simply Nude on the french tip nails and 3 coats of yellow (or gold) on the accent nails.  Then I switched to Snow Me White and painted a french tip using the very tip of the polish brush for the french tip nails.  For the accent nails, I simply painted a white stripe down the center of the nail as neatly as I could.  To complete the accent nails, I used a narrow brush to draw a straight line on either side of the white stripe in the middle of the nail.  For the french tips, I used the same narrow brush to draw two thin stripes above the white tip.  I used the colors here in the same order as on the accent nails.

Well, that was clear as mud.  Hopefully you enjoyed this brief foray into the land of sports teams, and I hope you enjoy the game tonight if you're the sort who likes watching them!