I've been on dark color overload for the last few weeks after wearing a lot of forest green and gold and black on my nails through the beginning of January.  I think icy pale blue shades are a good way to lighten up one's color palate after the richness of the winter holidays without getting one's hopes up for spring too early.  After all, we still have February to get through!

For this design, I used Essie Coat Azure and Blue Rhapsody.  Now, I know that the bottles make it look like Blue Rhapsody is the darker color, but somehow it dries with a lighter finish once it's on the nail.  I used two coats of Coat Azure as the base and stamped with the snowflake image on  Bundle Moster Image Plate BM-323 & Blue Rhapsody.  For a slightly more random look, I rotated the image 180 degrees every other nail.

How's this half of winter treating you?  Is your January cold?  Do I have any Australian readers laughing at us and enjoying the pretty summer weather?