Wow, we're already a week and a half into the new year.  Where does the time go?  I hope 2013 is treating you well so far.  I needed a little palate cleanser from all the black and gold nail polish I've been wearing for the last week or so... I decided to go with pink.

Today's nail pictures, I must admit, did not turn out quite as planned.  See, I had grand plans of picking colors which match my exercise shoes and taking pictures of the two together, and expounding upon my January exercise decisions.  But then I ended up helping a friend install a modular laminate floor, so I just snapped a few pictures by her front window before I started working since I knew my polish would be chipped as all get-out when we were done.

I started with three coats of Claire's Mood Polish in Calm/Wild.  For my thumbs (not pictured) and ring fingers, I also added a coat of Essence It's Purplicious.  Once that was dry, I stamped all of my nails with the lightning bolt image from Bundle Monster Image Plate BM-305 using Sinful Colors Black on Black.  (Actually, I didn't wait until everything was dry and had to redo my left thumb because it was smudged beyond all recognition.  Seriously, wait until the glitter layer is dry, it makes a mess if you don't!)  As usual, I topped everything off with NYC Grand Central Station (not pictured, again).