Pardon the Beatles pun, but ooooo, do I have an awesome color to show you today!  I admit I've had a little nail polish posting hiatus... I had a couple nails tear down to the quick, so I ended up babying those along until I could trim them without harm and cut everything else down to nubs to match.  So, warning, stumpy little nails ahead.  The color is good enough that I almost don't care though.  Almost.  This color definitely deserves to be re-photographed once my hands are looking a little prettier!

What we have here is Color Club Revvvolution.  Apparently Doug has been taking notes on what nail polishes I do and don't have, because this showed up in the mail as a belated birthday present!  He though I needed more holographic polishes, and, really, who am I to argue?  I took these pictures in full sun for maximum holographic sparklies, but Revvvolution still has a pretty strong linear holo effect even indoors.

Application was pretty effortless... I didn't use anything special, just my usual Sinful Colors basecoat, two coats of Revvvolution and NYC topcoat... I didn't feel like topcoat dulled the holo effect at all once it was thoroughly dry.  The colors were a little more dispersed while the topcoat was wet, but once it was dry it looked perfect again!  Just the thing to remind one that sunny days will show up again soon.