Goodness gracious, the week after Christmas is busy!  All of the social visits with friends, and family, and friends of family, and family of friends!  In my spare time (such as it is) I have been helping a family friend re-do her guest room... painting, new floor, the works.  It's done a number on my regular schedule and routine, such as it was.  I just woke up from one of those accidental 4-hour naps (oops!) entirely disoriented, so I think my first resolution for 2013 will be to establish a schedule for myself!

This is the outfit I wore for a dinner gathering with Doug's extended family on the 29th.  The blouse is a new-to-me vintage dress I bought the day after Christmas.  Sadly, it was missing a few buttons.  Until I can get new ones (and I need a matched set of NINE of them!), I decided to move the existing buttons up and wear another skirt over the top, which seems to work quite well.

Navy dress with satin trim and beaded collar: 57th Street Antiques
Silver patent belt: Target
Navy circle skirt: Made by moi!
Sparkly pewter pumps: DSW
Blue sparkly bird clip: Michael's