I meant to get this post up yesterday, but I left my computer at home and although the new tablet I got for my birthday is amazing and does nearly everything that my laptop does, it does not work well at all for blog posts.  Live and learn.

This is the outfit I wore to church and to my chorus rehearsal on Sunday. I tried my best to get my hair to curl, but it was a rather damp and drizzle-y morning, so my hair was rather rebellious.  I'm very pleased that my new green sweater matches this hat so well... I'll finally be able to make some headway on my resolution to wear more hats!

The (adorable!) little spider pin was a birthday present from a friend... selected right out of my Etsy favorites! Heh.  I love 'im, though, and I think he's even cuter in person than in photos.  His eyeball rhinestones were missing when I got him, but I had some tiny green ones in my jewelry supplies and put those in instead.  I suppose I'll have to make a point not to wear this pin when I visit Doug's family, his little sister hates spiders with a passion!

Hat: 57th Street Antiques Mall
Green sweater: Land's End, by way of Goodwill
White & gold brocade jacket: Gift from Doug, from Goodwill
Rhinestone and goldtone spider brooch: Gift from Sara
White embroidered gloves: Gift from our church choir librarian
Green patent belt: Target
Fruit print pencil skirt: FabGabs Vintage
White pumps: Payless