My birthday was about two weeks ago, and I've been dragging it out for as long as possible.  I've also been harassing Doug for the last week or so for not having any presents to give me on my birthday (none!), but just a few days ago we drove to the post office to pick up a small square box that had arrived while we were out.  I shook it eagerly the whole way home ("Hey, this doesn't make any noise!  It doesn't weigh very much!  What is it?") while Doug looked on with some concern, as the box was really quite small.  Imagine my surprise when the box practically started opening itself after I tore the packing tape off, and out popped the most gorgeous white rabbit fur muff and hat I'd been lusting after on Etsy weeks before!

Now, I don't know about you, but as a child I was absolutely fascinated by the idea of clothing with fur trims and the idea of having a hand muff... perhaps it was all the late Victorian era novels I read.   This set is definitely a childhood dream come true, and Doug has been redeemed for not obtaining gifts in a more timely manner!

I also now entirely understand why a fur muff is such a lovely thing... it's amazingly warm.  I spent most of our little photo-taking expedition saying "It seems like an awfully warm day to be wearing fur, it seems like overkill..." while Doug tucked his face into his coat collar and complained about having cold hands.

The matching hat is absolutely charming, if a bit difficult to secure to one's head!  I may need to sew on a comb or a bit of ribbon to stick my hatpins through.  It held up okay when we went to take pictures, though. The little poinsettia-like flower on the side had rather flattened in shipping, but a little steam perked it up quite nicely.  I'm already plotting ways to clip other decorations over it so as to make it look less December-y... perhaps a pair of felt hearts could disguise it for Valentine's Day?

White fur muff and hat set: Birthday present from Doug, but I know they came from RacyStacyDesigns on Etsy!
Red peacoat: Christmas present from Doug last year
Pearl necklace: Maybe from Busia?  I have so many...
Khaki pencil skirt: Goodwill, I think.
Red pumps: Goodwill!