Some while ago, while looking for hats to add to my collection, I came across this little mink hat by Miss Alice and picked it up for a songI think it was packed with a pair of gloves, and together they were $8!  Unfortunately, it has languished in a hat box for months because I just had no idea what to wear it with.  I eventually decided that the only solution was more vintage mink, so I kept my eyes peeled whenever I was out at the local shops.  I found a little mink collar well within my budget on Etsy after Christmas, and snapped it up right away.  It arrived just a few days ago, and after testing it out on a Saturday night with family, I wore the pair to church on Sunday!

The collar isn't quite the same shade of brown, but they're close enough to make do.  It also has a habit of rotating about once one has put it on, but a few small safety pins through the lining keep it in place well enough.  I only pinned it once when I last wore it, but I see in the pictures that it was still wandering a bit, so next time I think I will pin it to my sweater on both sides.  I absolutely love the effect of a contrast collar over a jewel-necked top, and I see more little collars, in fur or in other fabrics, in my future!

Miss Alice mink hat: Etsy
Mink collar: from ZouZouArmoire on Etsy
Black cabled cardigan: Gift from Doug's mom
Brown leather gloves with bow detailing: Target
Yellow patterned circle skirt: Made by moi, fabric from JoAnn fabrics
Black petticoat: Evangeline's (I need to mend it, it has a few torn bits that are making it hang unevenly.)
Brown velvety pumps: Reflection